Nublu Jazz Festival – November 5th – 22nd

Andrew D'Angelo

Andrew D’Angelo w/ TYFT via jazzcase

Nublu is having its first Jazz Festival with plenty of downtown artists. A couple of bands each night followed by a DJ.

Some highlights below:

Sat 11/7 – The Inbetweens with Noah Jarrett

Sun 11/8 – Seamus Blake Trio

Mon 11/9 – Bill McHenry/Andrew D’Angelo/Duane Eubanks Setxtet

Tues 11/10 – Ben Holmes (featuring Vinnie Sperrazza and Dan Loomis); Bloomdaddies (Chris Cheek/Seamus Blake/Jess Murphy/Tony Mason)

Fri 11/13 – Dave Allen Quartet (featuring Tom Rainey and Drew Gress); Eyvind Ospvik

Sat 11/14 – Wonderland Quartet (with Ilham Erashin/Matt Penman/Thor Madsen/Jochen Rueckert)

Sun 11/15 – Jason Lindner – Trio de Crescendo

Full schedule here


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