November 12, 2009

Erica Von KleistErica Von Kleist w/ Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

Tonight –

Michael Kanan solo piano (early show) – Smalls

Avishai Cohen (tpt) and Triveni (Sean Conly/Nasheet Waits) – Smalls

Earl Howard and Miya Masaoka – Roulette

Erica Von Kleist (Chris Ward/Nadje Noordhuis/Zaccai Curtis/Laques Curtis/John Davis) – Jazz Gallery

Claudia Acuna (Juancho Herrera/Jon Cowherd/Mark Kelley/Yayo Serka) – Jazz Standard

Christian McBride’s Inside Straight (Steve Wilson/Peter Martin/Carl Allen/Warren Wolf) – Vanguard

Sam Bardfeld’s Up Jumped the Devil (Anthony Coleman/Doug Wamble/Sean Conly) – Barbes

Achmin Kaufman – Stone

Pete Rende (Kyle Wilson/Matt Clohesy/Jochen Rueckert) – Cornelia Street


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