Cornelia Street – December shows

Highlights in December at Cornelia Street

12/2 – Nate Wooley Quintet (Matt Moran/Josh Sinton/John Hebert/Harris Eisenstadt)

12/4 – Gerry Hemingway Group (Ellery Eskelin/Oscar Noriega/Kermit Driscoll/Terrence McManus)

12/5 – Michael Adkins (Russ Losing/Todd Neufeld/Billy Mintz/John Hebert)

12/10 – Andy Bey solo

12/11 – Tony Malaby’s Open Heart (Ingebrigt Hacker/Eivind Ospvik/Tom Rainey)

12/12 – Tony Malaby’s Apparitions (Drew Gress/Tom Rainey/John Hollenbeck)

12/13 – Tony Malaby/Angelica Sanchez/Tom Rainey

12/17 & 12/18 – Gerald Cleaver and Violet Hour (Chris Lightcap/Ben Waltzer/Andrew Bishop/Wayne Escoffery)

12/19 – Cameron Brown and Dannie’s Calypso (Russ Johnson/Jason Rigby/Lisa Parrot/Tony Jefferson)

12/22 – Soren Moller Group (Tim Green/Luques Curtis/Obed Calvaire)

12/30 – Eri Yamamoto Trio (David Ambrosio and Ikuo Takeuchi)


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