Chris Speed – December/January

When I went to see Andrew D’Angelo’s Gay Disco Trio, I was reminded that I need to check out more Chris Speed shows.

Chris has some upcoming dates with his band Trio Iffy and  a couple of Claudia Quintet shows (12/13 at the Douglas Street Music Collective and 1/9 at the Bitter End as part of the Winter Jazz Fest).

Check it –

12/13 Claudia Quintet w/ Gary Versace – Douglas Street Collective

12/16 Caine Speed  Alessi Felder LeFebvre Smith (Uri Caine/Chris Speed/Ralph Alessi/Nir Felder/Tim LeFebvre/Nate Smith) – 55 Bar

1/4 Trio Iffy (Ben Perowsky and Jamie Saft) – The Local 269

1/6 Ben Perowsky Quartet – Barbes

1/9 Claudia Quintet (John Hollenbeck/Ted Reichman/Drew Gress/Matt Moran) – Winter Jazz Fest

1/20 Tim Zeismer Group – Tea Lounge

2/20 Trio Iffy – Barbes


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