Stone – January 2010

Starting in January The Stone will host student workshops on Monday nights taught by musicians who regularly play at the space. The sessions will feature solo performances and then a Q&A period afterwards. Students are also given the opportunity to discuss with the featured artist some of their own playing and compositions.

January 4 – Marc Ribot
January 11 – Uri Caine
January 18 – Cyro Baptista
January 25 – Duck Baker

January is curated by Mantana Roberts.

Highlights –

1/3 – Thomas Morgan/Dan Weiss

1/5 – Army of Strangers (Jessica Pavone/Brandon Seabrook/Jonti Siman/Harris Eisenstadt)

1/6 – Robert Stillman’s Station-Wagon Interior Perspective

1/7 – Bad Touch (Loren Stillman/Nate Radley/Gary Versace/Ted Porr) early show

1/7 – Katt Hernandez/Joe Morris late show

1/8 – Tyshawn Sorey 3-0 (Ben Gerstein/Terrence McManus)

1/10 – Vijay Iyer

1/12 – Deathblow (Amanda Monaco/Michael Attias/Sean Conly/Satoshi Takeishi)

1/14 – Parlor Music (Obed Lev-Ari/Alexander Waterman/Uri Sharlin/James Shipp)

1/15 – The Hook Up (Tomas Fujiwara/Jonathan Finlayson/Brian Settles/Mary Halvorson/Danton Boller)

1/17 – Lori Freedman & Sylvie Courvoisier early show

1/17 – Sporty Brown Trio (Rudresh Mahanthappa/David Virelles/Dan Weiss) late show

1/21 – Marty Ehrlich/Michael Attias/Andy Laster/Ned Rothenberg early show

1/21 – Keith Witty/Loren Stillman/Mark Taylor/Chris Dingman/Jeremy Clemons late show

1/23 – Greg Davis & Ben Vida

1/24 – John Zorn/Matana Roberts/Special Guests Improv Night

1/28 – Liberty Ellman/Stephan Crump/Damion Reid

1/29 – Circle Down (Chad Taylor/Angelica Sanchez/Chris Lightcap) early show

1/29 – Gordon Allen/Mat Maneri/Andrew Greenwald late show

1/30 – Daydream Full Lifestyles (Rob Mazurek/Tony Malaby/Chad Taylor/Jason Ajemian)

1/31 – Audrey Chen/Nate Wooley/Tastuya Nakatani early show

1/31 – Trophies (Alessandro Bosetti/Kenta Nagai/Ches Smith


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