January 6, 2010 – Updated

Ideal Bread (Josh Sinton/Kirk Knuffke/Reuben Radding/Tomas Fujiwara) – Douglas Street Collective early show

SIM Faculty Concert (Ralph Alessi/Andy Milne/John Hebert/Tyshawn Sorey) – Douglas Street Collective late show

Ben Perowsky Quartet (Chris Speed/Ted Reichman/Drew Gress) – Barbes

Chris Potter Underground (Adam Rogers/Craig Taborn/Nate Smith) – Vanguard

Mike Stern/Tom Kennedy/Kim Thompson – 55 Bar

George Garzone Tribute to Charlie Banacos (Rachel Z/Peter Slavov/Pete Zimmer) – Cornela Street

Seamus Black Quintet (Lage Lund/Dave Kilkoski/Matt Clohesy/Bill Stewart) – Smalls

Mark Guliana’s Beat Music – Rose Live Music

Robert Stillman’s Station Wagon Interior Perspective (solo) – Stone early show

Ras Moshe and Earth Space (Dafna Naphtali/Kyoko Kitamura/Shayna Dulberger/Atticus Cole) – Stone late show


One Response to “January 6, 2010 – Updated”

  1. Shantzy Pantz Says:

    Nice work Mr. Chris, a solid benefit to good music in NYC

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