Winter Jazzfest Day 2

via MystaPaul

I was unable to get into some of the shows on Saturday night, due to the overwhelming attendance of the festival.  Luckily most of the artists I was unable to see (Gretchen Parlato, Linda Oh, Vijay Iyer) play around the city enough times, that I should have another opportunity to see them in the near future.

I camped out at The Bitter End and had a side view of the stage.  It was very crowded and hot, so I only stayed to see a few bands before calling it a night.

I have been waiting a long time to catch Claudia Quintet.  John Hollenbeck is a monster percussionist and the short set was balls to the wall.  It was difficult to hear Gary Versace from my end of the room, except for a couple of quiet moments (including a short duet between Matt Moran and Versace in the middle of a tune, where Moran was making some warbling sounds on the vibes using what appeared to be a plastic cup?).

Rudder was up after Claudia Quintet.  Tim Lefebvre and Keith Carlock killed it as expected.  The tunes were a lot of fun, although the balance of Chris Cheek’s saxophone in the mix could’ve been better.   Yesterday I picked up the self-titled record from eMusic and am really into it.

Looks like the festival was a sucess.  Suddenly it looks like jazz is back on top.  I wonder how much of the audience were from the APAP?  Hopefully the organizers of the festival try to secure some larger venues for next year.   Would be nice to have some of these concerts at venues that normally host jazz concerts.  However, I can’t think of a place outside of (Le) Poisson Rouge  that would be large enough and would still allow the organizers to keep the ticket prices down.

Did anybody go to the Company of Heaven festival at Cornelia Street this weekend?  Were those shows sold out as well?

Check out some videos below:


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