February 3, 2010 – Updated

Wednesday, February 3rd, is the birthday of Dr. Henry Heimlich, the physician who discovered the Heimlich Maneuver. If not for this man, the walls of American restaurants would be bereft of entertaining, vaguely homoerotic illustrations.
To celebrate Dr. Henry’s work, one member of the John McNeil Quartet will periodically stop playing creatively and begin spewing clichés and data. Another band member will then wrap his arms around the offending player and drive a fist into his abdomen until he once again starts playing some ideas. – John McNeil

Gerald Clayton/Joe Sanders/Justin Brown – Vanguard

Afinidad (Edward Simon/Dave Binney/Scott Colley/Antonio Sanchez/Gretchen Parlato/Ben Monder/Rogerio Boccato) – Jazz Standard

Lage Lund/Ben Street/Pete Rende/Bill Stewart – Smalls

John McNeil/Kenny Pexton/Mike McGuirk/Diego Voglino – Puppets Jazz

Francois Moutin/Joel Frahm/Ari Hoenig/Jean-Michel Pilc – 55 Bar

Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music – Rose Live Music

Nevsky Prospekt (Terran Olson/David Bodie/Toby Driver) – Stone early show

Mike Bar – Stone late show

Mike Ruby/Pascal Le Boeuf/Linda Oh/Colin Stranahan – Tea Lounge


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