March 18th, 2010

Lost in a Dream is a new Paul Motian record out on ECM with Jason Moran and Chris Potter.  The record was recorded live at the Vanguard in February 2009.  The track below is from their first performance at the Vanguard in January 2008:

Jaimeo Brown/Greg Tardy/Sean Conly – Smalls

Paul Motian/Jason Moran/Greg Osby – Vangard

Kneebody (Shane Endsley/Ben Wendel/Nate Wood) – 55 Bar

Waking Dreams (Chris Dingman/Loren Stillman/Fabian Almazan/Joe Sanders/Justin Brown) – Jazz Gallery

Adam Rogers/Scott Colley/Chris Potter/Kevin Hayes/Clarence Penn – Iridium

Dohee Lee/Theresa Wong – Stone early show

Cylinder (Aram Shelton/Darren Johnson/Lisa Mezzacappa/Kjell Nordeson) – Stone late show


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