Brooklyn Lyceum

Nate Wooley and Josh Sinton – Brooklyn Lyceum April 4th, 2010

Jeff Golick (of Destination Out fame) and I went to Brooklyn Lyceum to check out Nate Wooley with Josh Sinton, Matt Moran, Eivind Opsvik, and Harris Eisenstadt.  The room filled up quickly after the beginning of the set.  The music was relatively straight-ahead for Wooley, with even a tune based on the changes of Confirmation (adminttedly, I was unable to hear the connection, but I heard Ornithology earlier in the day and it was tough to shake that tune out of my brain).  The room sounded great and balanced.

Lyceum has shows on Sundays and Wednesdays with two sets each night.  The website isn’t too helpful with figuring out the line-ups of the bands.  I had to do some heavy research to even figure out who was playing with Wooley on Sunday.

4/7 – Oscar Perez Nuevo Comienzo

4/11 – Matt McDonald’s Vicious World

4/14 – Adam Lanes Full Throttle Orchestra

4/18 – Mike Websters Quartet

4/21 – Ryan Pate Quintet

4/25 – Sebastian Noelles Anicha Quartet

4/28 – Matt Renzi Quartet


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