May 3rd, 2010

Thermionics (Luca Benedetti/J. Walter Hawkes/Erik Deutsch/Jeff Hanley/Tony Mason) – 55 Bar early show

Sean Nowell/Art Hirahara/Sam Minaie/Rich Stein/Joe Abba – 55 Bar late show

Ari Hoenig/Gilad Hekselman/Orlando Le Fleming – Smalls

Maria Neckam/Glenn Zaleski/Thomas Morgan/Colin Stanahan – The Local 269

A Small Dream in Red (Nora McCarthy/Jorge Sylvester) – The Local 269

Michael Musillami/Ralph Alessi/Michael Attias/Matt Moran/Joe Fonda/George Schuller – The Local 269

Michael Attias/Ralph Alessi/Sean Conly/Tom Rainey – The Local 269

Seminar 18 (Dr Sam Bowser) – Stone

Steve Coleman Presents – Jazz Gallery

SUPERDRUM (Eyvind Kang/Steve Moore/Laura Veirs/Shahzad Ismaily) – (Le) Poisson Rouge

Axis Trio (Amino Belyamini/Qasim Naqvi/Sam Minaie) – (Le) Poisson Rouge



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