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Chilling out

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I am going on vacation.  Won’t be leaving till the end of this week, but need to get all the ducks in a row.  I’ll be back on June 1st.


March 17th, 2010

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Check out Snap from Pachora’s record Astereotypical:

Pachora (Jim Black/Brad Shepik/Skuli Sverrisson/Chris Speed) – Rose Live Music

Paul Motian/Jason Moran/Greg Osby – Vanguard

Sean Nowell/Becca Stevens/Art Hirahara/Adam Kipple/Sam Minaie/Joe Abbatantuono – Smalls

Erica Hunt/Marty Ehrlich/Julie Patton – Stone early show

Good for Cows (Ches Smith/Devin Hoff) – Stone late show

Back on Schedule

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I am back from London.  Sorry for the absence.

Possible Interuptions of Service

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I am in London this week and Wi-Fi access is spotty at best.  I thought Wi-Fi was complimentary at most hotels these days; I would rather be without television and phone than the internet.

Alas No Axis – February 12, 2010

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Search and Restore is having a one year anniversary party at the Bleecker Theatre and Alas No Axis is playing.

Alas No Axis is Jim Black, Skuli Sverrison, Chris Speed, and Hilmar Jensson.  Tickets are for sale through Brown Paper Tickets, not sure if it will sell out, but the opportunity to see this band doesn’t happen very often. The band’s fifth album, Houseplant, is out now and you can check out some of the tracks on Jim’s myspace.

January 14, 2010

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Circle Down (Chad Taylor/Angelica Sanchez/Chris Lightcap) – Jazz Gallery

Fred Hersch/Drew Gress/Paul Motian – Vanguard

Jazz Vault Project (Fay Victor/Michael Attias/Anders Nilsson/Jose Davila) – Stone early show

Parlor Music (Obed Levi-Ari/Marty Ehrlich/Alexander Waterman/Uri Sharlin/James Shipp) – Stone late show

Uri Gurvich/Leo Genovese/Hans Glawischnig/Eric Doob – Tea Lounge

NOTICE – From the Management

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I generally decide to see a particular show weeks in advance and it seems like this website would be much more useful if people could plan ahead.

So, I am going to start posting the daily shows on Sundays.  Hopefully this will give people a chance to know what is coming up days in advance and will free up some of my time to write spotlight posts.